Around the end of my pregnancy, Ty and I started to tackle the vaccination issue. Vaccinations are a topic of hot debate for parents, so do understand that I take the stance that God entrusts us with our children for a reason. Every mother wants what is best for her child, and at heart we can all agree on that. I do recommend that you read up on them and learn the risks and benefits of each individually before giving them to your children. I will NOT be soapboxing my opinions about vaccinations right now. This is just the reason we sought out an understanding doctor who would talk to us about them, and be alright with an alternative schedule. We did not want to be pressured into them, or into not giving them at all.

I searched “vaccine friendly doctor” on google. Looking back, it would have been smarter to ask the birth center or another family who I look up to, what doctors they would recommend. I have struggled in the past with asking for help, and I am continually learning to give up my pride and fear. The Lord had his hand on my search, though. The first doctors office I spoke with was in Fort Worth, but they weren’t accepting new patients at the time. I then called the Family Care Center in Denton, and scheduled a meeting with Dr. Thomas Newell to ask him a few questions before actually making an appointment for my daughter, Israel.

I knew immediately that The Family Care Center was a good fit for us. The office was comfortable, with very friendly staff. When he introduced himself, I felt that he was eager to answer our questions. He was kind, and straight forward explaining why he recommended certain vaccinations, and why he didn’t do others. I had been so afraid that I would be reprimanded for my hesitations in vaccinating, but he listened patiently to my fears and questions regarding his experience. Before we left, my husband and I decided we were going to set up our first “Wellness Checkup” with Dr. Newell.

I had some difficulties with breast feeding and started giving Israel formula(this is a whole post of its own, and I will cover it soon). It wasn’t more than two weeks into taking her off the breast when she woke up with her first fever. I could tell something was off, because she usually has such a cheerful disposition and this particular Tuesday morning she was crying a lot. I immediately fell into fear. I called the doctor’s office before it opened, and was thankful when I got an answer. I told them that my 5 month old woke up with a fever and I didn’t know what to do. The lady on the phone was so sweet. She helped calm me down and told me to come when they open and someone would be there to check Israel out. I got there 10 minutes early *eye roll*. I am surprised they let me in, but I didn’t have too wait long before they took us back.

Dr. Newell wasn’t suppose to come in that day, but Dr. Kelly Fox was able to see Israel. They checked her fever, and swabbed the inside of her nose to see if it was the flu. Israel and I waited in a room for the results. It was obvious that she was not feeling well, and I was a mess. I was texting some friends, asking the to pray for Israel and the people at the doctor’s office. After a couple of hours, we figured out that she had a urinary tract infection. I hadn’t given her any kind of medicine before, and I wasn’t sure how they would affect her. They gave her some homeopathics, baby tylenol to bring down the fever and prescribed her some antibiotics for the infection. I was weary about giving her so much medicine, but they explained to me that the urinary tract in infants was so short that the infection could travel up into the kidneys quickly and she would need to go to the hospital. I had been praying that whole morning for wisdom, and that we would find out what was wrong. I knew God was answering my prayers and I trusted where He was leading us. They wanted us to stay there a bit longer for her fever to go down, and while we did Dr. Newell stopped by just to check on her. He explained the importance of taking all of the antibiotic and told me not to hesitate to call if her fever doesn’t go down.

When we finally got home, I gave her a bottle and all of her medicine and she finally started to fell better. When she went down for a nap, I breathed a sigh of relieve for the first time all day. Dr. Newell called around 6 o’clock that night, just to make sure Israel’s fever had gone down, and I even had a follow up call from them the next morning. I felt so much better knowing that they were helping me keep an eye on my sweet little girl. I was so thankful for The Family Care Center that was so on top of what was going on with Israel. Dr. Newell called around 6 that night, just to make sure Israel’s fever had gone down, and I even had a follow up call from them the next morning. I felt so much better knowing that they were helping me keep an eye on my sweet little girl.

Dr. Thomas Newell is a Doctor of Nursing Practice and a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner with education in homeopathy. He has approximately 30 years experience in pediatrics and family practice. I was lucky that I happened to find a doctor whom I work well with on my first try, but I recommend meeting with them and having a check up before your children have to go in for an illness or problem. For all expecting and new parents, Mommy Diagnostics by Shonda Parker is a book that encourages woman to take responsibility for their family’s health and it goes through options you have, that you may not have even known of. It was a very interesting and informative read.